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Rebar Adapter Plate

Rebar Adapter Plate

Price: $341.00

The Rebar Adapter Plate allows you to extrude kerb, 150mm or taller, over horizontal rebar set up to 60mm off the ground on rebar chairs.

Residential Adapter

Residential Adapter Plate

Price: $495.00

The Residential Adapter Plate is an additional EPC mould adapter and a 125mm plunger cap. You can then attach any of the smaller moulds used by the EP machine to the EPC machine. This is recommended for longer, more open flowing runs as as the EPC is not “operator friendly” in small residential yards attempting tight turns and regular stops and starts.

EP with Hopper Extension

Hopper Extender

Price: On application.

Increases the mouth size of the hopper on the EP machine to allow it to be more easily fed directly from the chute of a concrete truck.

Chapin Sprayer

Price: $330.00

This high quality sprayer is used in the application of sealers to the concrete edging.

EP Steering Bar Extension

Steering bar extension

The steering bar extension is designed so the EP machine can be operated by a single operator standing at the hopper end of the machine. It allows the operator to feed mix into the hopper and steer the machine without having to change positions.

Price: $365.75

Instructional DVDs

Instructional DVD: Stamping
Price: $110.00

Instructional DVD: Impression
Price: $110.00


Full Trowel Residential Series
Price: $86.00

Half Trowel Residential Series
Price: $53.00

Corner Trowel Residential Series
Price: $53.00