Duro-Seel sealant

Duro-Seel sealant is used to provide long-lasting protection to existing cast-in-place concrete. It also colours and waterproofs. Over the past 15 years it’s been used successfully on concrete products, brickwork, block-work, cement renders, old concrete roofing tiles, sandstone and limestone. It can be used with new freshly-set concrete and mortar, as a liquid curing compound, or same-day sealer which effectively retains all of the properties of a given grade or class of pre-mixed concrete. It’s excellent for rectifying colour variation and patchiness of many building surfaces.

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Duro Seel is available in clear or a range of colours.

PRICE: $363.00 (20L clear)



‘AQUAdura’ CLEAR is a fast dry, semi-glossy, water wash up 100% acrylic resin based, ready to use, liquid clear ‘sealer’ or ‘lacquer’ coating for cement bound exterior pavements. Also used with a minimum of two coats or layers as an effective anti dusting and surface binding floor, pavement, wall and roof coating for concrete, rendering mortars, masonry and similar surfaces.

PRICE: $193.00