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The easiest and most efficient on the market

With more than a decade of kerbing experience, Lil’ Bubba® is at the forefront of the kerbing industry.

The Lil’ Bubba® line of kerbing machines are the easiest and most efficient on the market. They will handle residential, industrial and commercial kerb applications. The unique drive mechanism and durable construction sets the Lil’ Bubba® kerb machine apart from its competitors.

Each of our Lil’ Bubba® concrete kerbing machines is designed for the fast, clean and efficient installation of concrete borders and kerbs. All models feature:

  • All-steel construction
  • Large 9″x3.5″ pneumatic tires
  • Self propulsion
  • Turning radius as tight as 14″
  • Honda gas engine

Core equipment

Taylor Made distributes the following core kerbing equipment: