Bed Edger in use

The Bededger trencher is the ultimate tool for landscape kerb ground preparation.

The 8 H.P. Honda engine provides the power needed to cut a 25mm by 225mm trench in the hardest clays. The steerable wheels make fancy curves and tree rings easy.

Unlike turf cutters, the Bededger mulches everything in its path. The unit then cleans the trench and piles the debris on the left side of the trench. The debris can then be bagged up or raked into the garden. The Bededger will grind through tree roots up to 50mm in diameter.

The Bededger is suitable for standalone use by landscapers who do not wish to get into concrete edging.

The photo shows the Bededger with an optional separate trenching rotor blade for digging trenches when laying reticulation pipes, etc.

Engine: 8HP
Speed: up to 30m per minute
Wheels: steel with pneumatic tyres
Weight: 68kg
Cutting depth: 25mm to 100mm

Price: $6,490.00

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