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EP kerbing machine

The Lil’ Bubba EP plunger drive creates a consistent flow of concrete with each revolution. The unique motion of the plunger scores the concrete as it packs it in to the mould (unlike other plungers or ram machines) to prevent the flat spots and weak areas that cause cracking about every 5cm.

The EP drive also eliminates concrete bridging in the hopper since the plunger actually moves 178mm upward into the hopper, agitating the concrete with each revolution.

Lil’ Bubba was designed to create continuous decorative concrete borders allowing the user to follow any existing landscape bed design. Placement of borders can be as close as 50mm to any stationary object and make turns with a radius as tight as 360mm.


Type: 125mm Plunger Drive
Engine: 4HP Honda Gas
Fuel tank capacity: 3.8L (yielding approx. 114M)
Speed: variable up to 4.5m/min
Weight: 90kg
Wheels: Large 228mm x 89mm pneumatic tyres
Construction: all steel
Slump: 0-25mm
Aggregate: Up to 9.5mm

Price: $10,450.00 (includes one standard mould with trowels).

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