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EPC kerb machine

The EPC is a larger version of the Lil’ Bubba® EP, designed to make quick work of parking lot ribbon kerb or extremely large landscape borders while feeding from a concrete truck.  This machine will make kerb up to 12″ x 12″.

The EPC has all the same features as the EP with the addition of a hand brake for extruding kerb on an incline. However, the EPC does not work well with mould sizes less than 8″ wide. Therefore it is not a substitute for the smaller EP, rather a complement to it for the contractor that is expanding to the parking lot style kerb market and wants to enjoy the same operation techniques that they have already mastered with the EP.

All moulds for the EPC are made to order.  A simple sketch, with dimensions of mould profiles to fit your needs, is all that is necessary to place an order.  The stock 24″ walkway mould for the Lil’ Bubba EP will not fit the EPC.

Price: $12,650.00 (Includes 1 x custom mould)

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