Are You in The Business of Installing Continuous Concrete Edging?

Are You in The Business of Installing Continuous Concrete Edging?

About Taylor Made Concrete Edging: Taylor Made Concrete Edging has been installing decorative concrete edging since 2002. Around 2004, after looking to update its original equipment, it found Lil Bubba kerb machines. After liaising with The Concrete Edge Company in the USA (manufacturer of the Lil Bubba line of kerb machines), and a trip to their factory in the USA, Taylor Made Concrete Edging became the Australian importer and distributor for the Lil Bubba line of kerb machines and accessories.

Taylor Made Concrete Edging specialises in the supply of Lil Bubba kerb machines and accessories, as well as installation of decorative residential kerbing and commercial edging.

Our edging has an integral colour system (coloured all the way through the mix), has 3mm steel cable running through it, contains fibre mesh, Efflorein Mk II additive, and 30kg cement per barrow load.

A pattern is applied and the edging is finished off with a coating of sealer. We strive to provide the best quality product possible.

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Lil Bubba Kerb Machines

Take a look at why the Lil’ Bubba® line of kerb machines are the right choice for you. The Lil’ Bubba® line comprises the most advanced patented landscape kerb machines on the market. This website has information on the core equipment, as well as an array of accessory equipment to assist you. Lil’ Bubba® kerb machines and accessories are made by The Concrete Edge Company in Orlando, Florida, USA and they are imported into Australia by Taylor Made Continuous Concrete Edging.

As a distributor for The Concrete Edge Company, Taylor Made Continuous Concrete Edging prides itself on quality equipment and ongoing customer support. We offer numerous products, including concrete colour additives, tools and equipment. We also offer training classes with flexible financing and exceptional customer support.


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