Use Lil’ Bubba Kerb Machines & Accessories

The easiest and most efficient on the market. With more than a decade of kerbing experience, Lil’ Bubba® is at the forefront of the kerbing industry.

Lil Bubba EP Kerb Machine

The Lil’ Bubba EP plunger drive creates a consistent flow of concrete with each revolution. The unique motion of the plunger scores the concrete as it packs it into the mould (unlike other plungers or ram machines) to prevent the flat spots and weak areas that cause cracking about every 5cm. The EP drive also eliminates concrete bridging in the hopper since the plunger actually moves 178mm upward into the hopper, agitating the concrete with each revolution.

Lil’ Bubba was designed to create continuous decorative concrete borders allowing the user to follow any existing landscape bed design. Placement of borders can be as close as 50mm to any stationary object and take turns with a radius as tight as 360mm.


  • Type: 125mm Plunger Drive
  • Engine: 4HP Honda
  • Gas Fuel tank capacity: 3.8L (yielding approx. 114M)
  • Speed: variable up to 4.5m/min
  • Weight: 90kg
  • Wheels: Large 228mm x 89mm pneumatic tyres
  • Construction: all-steel
  • Slump: 0-25mm
  • Aggregate: Up to 9.5mm
  • Price: $14,850 (includes one standard mould with trowels).

Lil Bubba EPC Kerb Machine

The EPC is a larger version of the Lil’ Bubba® EP, designed to make quick work of parking lot ribbon kerb or extremely large landscape borders while feeding on a concrete truck. This machine will make kerb up to 12″ x 12″.

The EPC has all the same features as the EP with the addition of a hand brake for extruding kerb on an incline. However, the EPC does not work well with mould sizes less than 200mm wide. Therefore it is not a substitute for the smaller EP, rather a complement to it for the contractor that is expanding to the parking lot style kerb market and wants to enjoy the same operation techniques that they have already mastered with the EP.

All moulds for the EPC are made to order. A simple sketch, with dimensions of mould profiles to fit your needs, is all that is necessary to place an order. The stock 24″ walkway mould for the Lil’ Bubba EP will not fit the EPC.

Price: $16,280 (Includes 1 x custom mould).

Mortar Mixer

The Toro 858H-S Mortar Mixer has a steel drum. Power blend mixing action gives you a fast, thorough blending of colours and aggregates. Using a unique arrangement of rubber and steel blades, the paddles rotate in a triple eight mixing action, resulting in a uniform mix.

Price: $10,605.
This price includes: 1 x spare sets rubber mixer blades, 2 x V belts


  • Engine: 8HP
  • Actual capacity: 0.31 cubic metres (11 cubic feet)
  • Usable capacity: 0.25 cubic metres (9 cubic feet)
  • Clutch: Front post hand clutch
  • Weight with wheels: 280kg
  • Weight without wheels: 250kg


The Bededger trencher is the ultimate tool for landscape kerb ground preparation.

The 8 H.P. Honda engine provides the power needed to cut a 25mm by 225mm trench in the hardest clays. The steerable wheels make fancy curves and tree rings easy.

Unlike turf cutters, the Bededger mulches everything in its path. The unit then cleans the trench and piles the debris on the left side of the trench. The debris can then be bagged up or raked into the garden.

The Bededger will grind through tree roots up to 50mm in diameter. The Bededger is suitable for standalone use by landscapers who do not wish to get into concrete edging.

The photo shows the Bededger with an optional separate trenching rotor blade for digging trenches when laying reticulation pipes, etc.


  • Engine: 8HP
  • Speed: up to 30m per minute
  • Wheels: steel with pneumatic tyres
  • Weight: 68kg
  • Cutting depth: 25mm to 100mm
  • Price: $9,160.

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