Marketing & Market Research

When starting a continuous concrete edging business, market research should be carried out to get a good understanding of the market.

The Following Is a Guide to Aid in Market Research

  • Are consumers aware of landscape kerbing?
  • Are local consumers receptive to landscape kerbing in your area?
  • How much landscape kerbing is in your area?
  • How many operators are in your area and how professional are these operators?
  • How do they advertise or promote their business?
  • How quickly did they respond to your inquiry?
  • How professionally did they present themselves?
  • How did they present their quotation?
  • What information do they supply when quoting? (Sealing the kerb, general maintenance, etc.)
  • How long before they can install the kerbing? (This usually indicates how busy they are.)
  • What are their prices?
  • What are customers willing to pay?
  • Price levels for:
    • Standard grey kerbing
    • One colour kerbing
    • Two colours stamped kerbing (i.e. one colour in the mix and another colour with the stamp tool)
  • What is the average-sized job in your area?

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