Consumables in New South Wales

Find out more about the leading consumables by Taylor Made Concrete Edging: Fibre Mesh, Efflorein Mk 2 and Colour Oxide Pigments.

Fibre Mesh

Fibre Mesh is a fibre additive used to reinforce concrete, giving it more strength, stability and crack resistance. The Fibre mesh offered by Taylor Made Concrete Edging is specially designed for decorative kerbing.

Fibre Mesh (9kg box) Price: $495

Fibre Mesh (1kg bag) Price: $66

Efflorein® Mk 2

When added to a wet concrete or mortar mix, Efflorein® Mk 2 is multi-functional in its beneficial actions. It is an efficient efflorescence controller, concrete ‘conditioner’, bleed water inhibitor, waterproofer, ‘plasticiser’ (to enhance workability and extrudability), colour brightener and colouring pigment particle holding ‘permaniser’.

Efflorein® Mk 2 is a white powder. One 20kg bag of Efflorein® Mk 2 is enough to treat four cubic metres of a mix, making it an economical, value-adding product for your edging business.

Efflorein® Mk 2 (20kg) Price: $139.90

For information on the full detailed list of benefits please see the Efflorein® Mk 2 page or contact Taylor Made Concrete Edging.

Abilox oxide pigments

Abilox® UV resistant mineral oxide colouring pigments Abilox® is an extensive range of fine, UV resistant, inorganic mineral oxide colouring pigments. Abilox® powder colourants are used permanently ‘through’ colouring concrete, asphalt, mortar, surface coatings, caulks and sealants, applied finishes, adhesives and other composite products and materials used in the building and construction industries. Abilox® is available in a variety of attractive colours.

Please contact Taylor Made Concrete Edging in order to get up to date prices for Abilox oxide pigments. Please contact Taylor Made if you wish to purchase larger quantities that are subject to discounts depending on the quantity required.

To see further information on Efflorein Mk II, Duro Seel and the full range of Abilox oxides and other associated concrete additives, please go to the link below for Ability Building Chemicals.


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