Concrete Edging


Examples of concrete edging

Are you in the business of installing continuous concrete edging?

Do you want to start your own continuous concrete edging business? Full time or part time, utilising weekends or days off?

Take a look at why the Lil’ Bubba® line of kerb equipment is the right choice for you.

The Lil’ Bubba® line comprises the most advanced patented landscape kerb machines on the market. This website has detailed information on the core equipment, as well as an extensive array of accessory equipment and tools to assist you. Although we are featuring the Lil’ Bubba® line, most of the equipment and tools will work with other machines or systems.

Lil’ Bubba® kerb machines and accessories are made by The Concrete Edge Company, Orlando, Florida, USA, and imported into Australia by Taylor Made Continuous Concrete Edging.

As a distributor for The Concrete Edge Company, Taylor Made Continuous Concrete Edging prides itself on quality equipment, numerous tools, ongoing customer support and professional personnel. Allow us to share these attributes with you.

We offer numerous products, including concrete colour additives, tools and equipment. We also offer training classes with flexible financing and exceptional customer support.

If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us.

The quality of the product

For professional installers, the ability to provide a high quality product is an absolute must. The Lil’ Bubba® system has been designed to produce high quality landscape kerbing quickly and efficiently. The system will extrude a very tightly compact kerb, reducing the time required for troweling. Generally the profiles are higher than those of other manufacturers, resulting in a stronger kerb. And the system allows for a large selection of colors, stamps and impressions to meet most consumers’ requirements.

Here are some options for making a kerb beautiful using Lil’ Bubba® products:

  • Colour stamp – A solid coloured concrete with a distinctive stamped pattern.
  • Impression – A solid concrete with authentic masonry grout lines.
  • Single colour – Solid coloured concrete.
  • Natural grey – Plain concrete with no colour added.

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